After diddling with it a little, I restarted this project a couple months ago. It's the Tamiya kit and has been very painless to work on.

I was going to replace the 25mm mounts with something finer, but the aftermarket stuff I got was indeed finer. Perhaps a bit too much. Though chunkier, These felt "good enough". I am in the process of replacing the 8" (203mm) guns with turned brass ones. The blast bags on them have turned this into a bit of a chore. I was thinking of putty to do this, but I'm now leaning more towards tissue and white glue.

The kit comes with 6 planes -- three Alfs and three Daves. I built one of the Alfs and it doesn't look too bad.

I've got Eduard's photo-etch set for this, and it has been working well. Synching the etch instruction sheet with the kit one has caused me headaches, though. I'm thinking aftermarket companies should clone their instructions off the kit ones to help coordinate this stuff.

One of the pics also has a USN YMS that I've been casually been building. It's Niko's kit. When playing War in the Pacific, when I'm hurling all my yard craft at the incoming bombardment mission, this sort of wakes you up to what they would face. I had stopped work on that, due to a "lost" part, but I've since found it again.

I'll get some pics up of the CVL Independence I mostly wrapped up. I still have some planes left, but I'll finish them whenever.


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