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Thread: British army (maybe) getting a new MBT?

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    The problem is that the EU doesn't have a "defense budget". I realise folks in this forum are not like this, but many in the US seem to forget that Europe is a continent, not a country, and what that means. It's a group of countries, each with it's economy, politics, etc. Which means each has to pay for it's armed forces out of what can be a very small budget. My own country, for example, could barelly aford a single 2nd-hand tank batalion (Leopard 2), for our single brigade...

    And even the richer northern countries are feeling the pinch on costs. And replacing old gear isn't helping. The Netherlands is replacing 80+ F-16s with less than 40 F-35s! If this relatively rich country can't aford more, what about the others?...

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    The EU and Britain could afford a very effective defense force given the collective size of the member state economies. The problem is getting them to surrender national sovereignty as it pertains to defense force planning and procurement. The political and military elites of all member States each want control their own separate and independent armed forces, equipped along lines they choose and trained for missions they regard as a priority. All of them equipped with their chosen weapon and support systems and each with its own independent military ethos and training priorities. Yes there are some big ticket items like the Eurofighter where several nations have come together (because the cold hard reality of paying for them as individual states has hit them in the face) but apart from that its just way to hard to overcome the politics and bureaucratic inertia preventing any such system. (Imagine what the US defense forces would look like if all the state governments in the US had to collectively agree on the size and structure of defense spending every year).

    So in a perfect world Europe could afford a centralized defense acquisition system that selected and purchased everything from uniforms to major strategic weapons systems based on the budget allocation it received from its member states together with centralized military planning agency run by senior officers of the major states. Here in the real world - good luck getting something like that up and running in the next few decades.

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    BAE Package (Black Night)


    The Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP) is a UK MOD contract to remove obsolescence from Challenger 2 and extend its out-of-service date by ten years to 2035, and is worth over £700m.

    The technology, developed by Leonardo in the UK, forms part of the BAE Systems led bid to upgrade the tank and would for the first time bring independent night vision for both the gunner and the commander.

    Also known as ‘electro-optic technology’, the thermal imaging system will help British troops identify potential threats and move undetected in hostile situations, while also shaving valuable seconds off reaction times, which can make the difference between mission success and failure.

    The company say that instead of sensing light like a standard digital camera, Leonardo’s infrared camera senses heat emitted by all objects with temperatures greater than absolute zero (-273°C).

    The hundreds-of-thousands of individual pixels in the camera, each one-twelfth the thickness of a human hair, can detect temperature differences as small as one-fiftieth of a centigrade, allowing for extremely sharp images.

    Contract is due to be awarded in mid 2019
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