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Thread: How Asians view each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
    You know you're painting a bullseye on yourself ... and to a gunner.
    Maybe I'm craving a dead Celine Dion pic. Who knows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnut View Post
    What are you talking about? All Asians look the same.
    Actually, after living in Toronto's Chinatown for a few years, all non-Asians began to look the same to me :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthSiddius View Post
    I actually got a much more positive vibe for China than I expected. Except Vietnam and Japan, everyone else has pretty favourable views compared to the other countries listed. Surprised with India's perception of the Chinese 40% approval is not bad considering the history.
    EDIT: Another surprising case in point South Korea and China.
    I wonder how many respondents Pew Research Center conducted their poll with and at what educational level and economic background the respondents came from...does the poll really have statistical meaning ?

    Aside from that I believe the 'vibes' are based on economics...who are one's 'trade partners' ? Who are the smaller nations 'selling their rice to' ? Which of the larger nations are investing into the smaller economy nations, etc ?

    The "South China Sea" claims have more to due with Superpower status as most ASEAN nations can not even claim to have a naval force of any consequence to resistance of the Superpowers.

    (Yes, I did notice that this is an older thread.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeeCoffee View Post
    (Yes, I did notice that this is an older thread.)
    Eh, only a couple of months, you're fine. :-)

    It's the "couple of years" older threads getting resurrected that drive people nuts lol.
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    I could still post a pic of Hot Dead Chick if you want.

    Just saying
    Its called Tourist Season. So why can't we shoot them?

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    Are you advertisng? She is single again?

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