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Thread: First 2 females to graduate from Army Ranger School

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    Well...I guess it doesn't matter.

    Let me get this correct-we're here discussing an initial experiment and, perhaps, some scant data compiled with Army/Marine female engagement teams in Afghanistan? Nonetheless, the Jan. 1 mandate is done.

    Without benefit of truly assessing impact-good, bad or indifferent?

    Nobody better than Colonel Mike at assessing data and validating test methodology. On such a profound matter, can I assume that the relevant tests have been conducted? Where's the data which overwhelmingly supports this mandate? I'm guessing it's not been done if this Marine experiment dominates our discussion here. I can only guess from our discussion here that they haven't yet happened.

    Still, there's January 1. the cart before the horse here? Seems so.

    I'm now finally hearing the message loud and clear from on high-

    "It's a trivial matter. Get on with it and POUND that square peg into that hole."
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    I have no doubt that good leaders in both the Officer Corps and the Non-Comissioned Members will make this work, no matter the heartaches and the headaches.

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