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Thread: Amrullah Saleh on the death of Mullah Omar

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    Amrullah Saleh on the death of Mullah Omar

    As always, the man is blunt and on point.

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    Jalaluddin Haqqani has apparently been dead for awhile too:

    "The Taliban, which confirmed on Thursday that Mullah Omar had died, has yet to make a formal announcement about Mr. Haqqani. But like Mullah Omarís passing, the death of Mr. Haqqani would be a milestone in the wars that have engulfed Afghanistan since the 1980s.

    That he and Mullah Omar both could have been dead without the United States or its allies finding out would raise serious questions about the abilities and focus of American intelligence in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It also renews questions about the United Statesí often fraught alliance with Pakistan, which has long denied sheltering Afghan insurgents and has said nothing of Mullah Omarís reported death."

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    Saleh sounds joyful for once

    IMO, the rise and fame of ISIS has sent most af-pak shenanigans into depression mode

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    Taliban political chief in Qatar Tayyab Agha resigns

    "Tayyab Agha, who previously served as Mullah Omar's personal secretary, said he was stepping down to avoid "expected future disputes".

    He said it was "a great historical mistake" that the new leader had been "appointed outside the country and from the people who are residing outside the country" - a reference to claims that Mullah Mansour's appointment was influenced by circles associated with the Pakistani government.

    He added that the militant group should handle all its affairs from within Afghanistan, and criticised the fact that Mullah Omar's death "was kept secret for almost two years".

    The Afghan government says Mullah Omar died in a hospital in the Pakistani city of Karachi two years ago. The Taliban have since confirmed Mullah Omar's death, without specifying where, when or how he died."

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    Such clarity of thought from AS. I shudder to think of the ass kicking the Pak Taliban must have got when he was head of NDS.

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