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Thread: USS Iowa BB-61 News

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    There has been a lot of talk in the museum ship world and on this forum about hull preservation.
    Here is what the Iowa is doing about it.

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    We came up with a coffer dam system to help maintain the most vulnerable part of the hull the waterline/splash line.
    Because of the weight of the dam it was decided to add 55 gallon drums for buoyancy. It was thought that it would reduce the stress on the welds holding the pad eyes to the ship.

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    On the left is the pad eye welded to the hull. A rubber gasket is used between the dam and the hull.
    The dam also has a sump and pump to keep the crew dry.
    You can really see how much more damage is done above the water line.

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    As you can see some of the holes are deep!

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    On the left is the first section to be needle gunned and painted.
    I have a feeling that this dam will continually circle the ship for many years to come.
    Craig Johnson

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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

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    Very nice! Bravo Zulu to all involved.

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    Very interesting indeed. Especially in light of the extensive cofferdam system that the NORTH CAROLINA group has employed to remedy the same situation along the waterline. Their application, however, involved welding new plate to the existing torpedo bulge at waterline. I think some pix are available somewhere online. You are probably correct in that your portable c.d. unit will be there indefinitely, much like the on-going paint crew at the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Those pits look familiar. I can even find them along certain sections of decking of the Island particularly on the 1/4" thick sections at O11. Knock big bubble of rust out and you get a big pit exactly like those.

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    The North Carolina folks did kind of the same thing to repair spots on her hull.

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    This is the latest addition to the Battleship Iowa.
    This is an old snow machine/motorcycle trailer that I donated (Getting to old to ride).
    last February I started building the game stations I used mild steel and aluminum sheets with copper tubing spacers all cut on a CNC plasma cutting table.
    We debut the trailer at last months "LA Fleet Week". We only ran the trailer for 13 hours and only had 3 laptops working but pulled in $1,150. I think with better planning we could double that.
    The trailer will be deployed at air/car shows, festivals, concerts or any outdoor events. We plan to rent it out to corporate events, weddings and other gatherings.

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    Craig Johnson

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    More pics

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    Craig Johnson

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    I am proud to announce the Navy has awarded the Battleship Iowa and the Pacific Battleship Center as the location of brand new “Museum of the Surface Navy”. Below is a link to a video narrated by actor Joe Mantegna and featuring our new Chairman of the Board retired RADM Mike Shatynski and a PDF of the concept.
    Originally the new museum was awarded to the Nauticus people out of Norfolk current stewards of USS Wisconsin. When that deal fell through the Navy ask us and we said yes.
    Phase 1 of the museum will be aboard the Iowa with phase 2 being a shore side building. Of course all museum projects need to raise the money and that can be a challenge but I feel the national nature and status of the museum will help us raise money in every state.
    Please consider supporting it.
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    Craig Johnson

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