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Thread: Hayabusa 2 and 1999 JU3

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    The target:

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    (original image without pixel smoothing taken from a distance of 100 km; Source: JAXA)

    Diameter of Ryugu is about 900 meters as previously estimated, it spins at about one revolution per 7.5 hours. The shape - with the equatorial squeezed outwards into a ridge compared to the polar axis - is typical for high-rotation asteroids. Craters are pretty subdued, even if some of those depressions span up to 200m. The color difference - brighter and darker spots - may reflect differently composed surface material.

    Currently Hayabusa is at 41.5 km distance from Ryugu, with relative speed reduced from 29 cm/s to 9 cm/s last night. The maneuver last night placed Hayabusa on a direct path towards the asteroid, i.e. falling straight "down". Arrival in orbit is planned for next wednesday 0:30 am (japanese time, i.e. tuesday in most of the rest of the world).

    The MASCOT crew is planning for a landing 96 days later, i.e. September 30th.

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    40 km, more detail:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kato View Post
    Test firing for SCI, from 100m distance (note: may want to turn down volume).
    Actual impact in April this year on Ryugu, recently published:

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    The result was a bit bigger than expected, creating a 17.6m diameter semicircular crater with a central pit to 2m depth and excavating a rock the size of a car underground that it shoved slightly to the side.


    JAXA is currently evaluating a mission extension for Hayabusa 2, in which once it has bombarded Australia next year it would continue on to fly by another asteroid (currently tentatively 172034 2001WR1, a S-Type stony asteroid of similar size to Ryugu).

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