So 'Ze', our comedian President, finally has a time and place for a 'Normandy Format' meeting with Putin to doubtless emerge with a 'Peace in our time' surrender of the occupied territories: Paris on December 9th. Muscovy made further talks dependent on Ukrainian acceptance of the so called 'Steinmeir Formula' and now that withdrawals have occurred (unilaterally on the Ukrainian side - the Muscovites now say they will withdraw after the Paris meeting) we are ready to surrender totally it seems - or at least Zelensky and his patron Kolomoisky. Indeed the 'oligarch' Kolomoisky's, on who's TV channel the Comedian in Chief was broadcast and who has been photographed in the President's office, view has shifted 180 degrees since 2014 when he was Mayor of Dnipro and was financing militias;

“Give it five, 10 years, and the blood will be forgotten,” Mr. Kolomoisky said. “I showed in 2014 that I don’t want to be with Russia,” he added. “I’m describing, objectively, what I’m seeing and where things are heading.”

How strange that the Comedian's 'desire for peace' seems so aligned with the changed view of the 'oligarch'... almost uncanny timing.

One might also ask 'why Paris' but bearing in mind Macron's recent attempts to kiss Putin's rear end "Welcome them back into Europe" etc it does not surprise me that Macron was chosen to host the surrender.

We have elected at best a Chamberlain it seems when we needed a Churchill. It is beyond all reason and any honour - for there is not one single shred of evidence that can lead anyone that Putin and his mangy gang of thieving and mass murdering cohorts will keep any deal that is agreed - even one so pathetically weak as Zelensky has proposed. Autonomy for the occupied Donbass will doubtless come with a veto on foreign policy dictated through the so called 'Peoples Republiks' by Moscow. It seems our fellow citizens - Tatar and Ukrainian - in Crimea will then just be forgotten about - as if the Government of Ukraine did not have any duty to them. I wonder what Zelensky's price was? President for life or just payments into Swiss account. Or is he just so seriously stupid to commit the same errors of Chamberlain and Viscount Halifax? You cannot appease a bear when it has your leg in it's mouth.

This war is I fear just the start, or perhaps we should now recognise Chechnya and Georgia as the origins of this renewed Mafiosi Kremlin desire for power. It's tentacles of corruption, deceit, it's filthy stolen money, reach deep into the heart of every free nation in Europe and across the Atlantic. It is a war the like of which none have seen before; it aims to strike us from within and turn friend against friend with it's lies and pays it's 'useful idiots' well as Mr Manafort proved. Long may he rot in jail. If the surrender of the occupied Donbass occurs in December as I expect I predict Belarus will be next. If Putin can claim he has made a new Union state - having added Belarus - he will say he can run for President again.

For myself I will fight wherever and however I may where those who desire liberty and truth exist in Europe or with any person or nation that fights against the new evil of the mass murdering kleptocratic regime that Putin leads in Moscow. They are not that strong and I have total confidence of our eventual victory. But I would rather die choking in my own blood than sign any false 'peace' - for there can be none until Ukrainian land is free. "Success is never final, failure never fatal. You just need courage to go on." (Churchill)