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Thread: Major terrorist attack in Kunming

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    Major terrorist attack in Kunming

    I guess it looks as though Xinjiang is now in insurgency mode now.

    China Blames Separatists for Knife Attack; 33 Dead - ABC News

    China: Train Station Attack an Act of Terrorism
    BEIJING March 1, 2014 (AP)
    Associated Press

    Knife-wielding assailants attacked people at a train station in southwestern China on Saturday in what authorities called a terrorist attack and police fatally shot five of the assailants, leaving 28 people dead and 113 injured, state media said.

    China's official Xinhua News Agency did not identify who might have been responsible for the late-evening attack at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province, but said authorities considered it to be "an organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack."

    In an indication of how seriously authorities viewed the attack, one of China's deadliest in recent years, the country's top police official, Politburo member Meng Jianzhu, was on route to Kunming, the Communist Party-run People's Daily reported.

    The violence in Kunming came at a sensitive time as political leaders in Beijing prepared for Wednesday's opening of the annual meeting of the nominal legislature where the government of President Xi Jinping will deliver its first one-year work report.

    A Xinhua reporter on the scene in Kunming said several suspects had been "controlled" while police continued their investigation of people at the station. The reporter said firefighters and emergency medical personnel were at the station and rushing injured people to hospitals for treatment.

    The authorities said five suspects were shot dead but that their identities had not yet been confirmed, Xinhua reported. Overall, 28 people were confirmed dead and 113 injured, it said.

    A dozen bodies could be seen at Kunming No. 1 People's Hospital, where more than 60 victims of the attack had been taken by midnight, according to Xinhua reporters at the hospital. A doctor at the hospital said medical personnel were so busy treating the injured that they were still not sure of the exact number of casualties.

    Yang Haifei, a Yunnan province resident who was being treated at the hospital for wounds to his chest and back, told Xinhua that he was buying a ticket when he saw a group of people, most of them dressed in black, rush into the station and start attacking people.

    "I saw a person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone," he told Xinhua, adding that people who were slower ended up severely injured. "They just fell on the ground," Yang said.

    At the guard pavilion in front of the station, three victims were crying. One of them, Yang Ziqing, told Xinhua that they were waiting for a train to Shanghai when a knife-wielding man suddenly came at them.

    "My two town-fellows' husbands have been rushed to hospital, but I can't find my husband, and his phone went unanswered," Yang sobbed.

    Pictures on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, showed bodies covered in blood at the station. Other Weibo users urged people to stop circulating bloody photos on the Internet lest it encourage the attackers and spread panic.

    The Security Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security called the incident a "severe violent crime" at its official Sina Weibo account.

    "No matter what motives the murderers hold, the killing of innocent people is against kindness and justice. The police will crack down the crimes in accordance with the law without any tolerance. May the dead rest in peace," it read.

    The Kunming Railway Station, located in the southeastern area of the city, is one of the largest railway stations in southwest China.

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    One of the strangest terror attack I have ever heard.
    "They want to test our feelings.They want to know whether Muslims are extremists or not. Death to them and their newspapers."


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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKEMUN View Post
    One of the strangest terror attack I have ever heard.
    The Uighur terrorists had pulled up this kind of attacks several times before. Mostly in Xinjiang though.

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    Thank you lucky stars that these idiots are too stupid to graduate from high school chemistry.

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    Report: Knife-wielding assailants attack people on street in ChinaBy the CNN Staff
    March 14, 2014 -- Updated 0417 GMT (1217 HKT)
    Xinhua reporters saw at least one body on the ground
    Earlier this month, a similar attack left 29 dead
    (CNN) -- Assailants armed with knives attacked several people on a street in Hunan province in central China on Friday morning, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    The news agency said its reporters saw at least one body lying on the ground.

    The attack took place in Changsha city, the capital of the province.

    Local media reported at least four people were killed in the attack, carried out by five assailants. But the Xinhua report did not mention a casualty toll.

    Earlier this month, 29 people were killed and 130 were injured in terrorist attack. Eight men armed with long knives stormed a train station on March 1 in the southwest Chinese city of Kunming in Yunnan province.

    Four of the attackers were fatally shot by police; the other four arrested.

    Members of a separatist group from Xinjiang, in northwest China, are believed to have carried out that attack, authorities said
    It is so. It cant be otherwise

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    BBC News - China Xinjiang: Violence 'kills or injures dozens'


    A knife-wielding gang attacked a police station and government offices in Shache county, Xinhua news agency said.

    Police shot dead many attackers, it said, and "dozens" of Uighur and Han Chinese civilians were killed or hurt.

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    Talk about bringing knives to a gun fight.....

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