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Thread: Jerry Coleman RIP

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    Jerry Coleman RIP

    I don't know how many here know Jerry Coleman. Being a N.Y. Yankee fan I am well aware of him and the Yankees he played with. I remember listening to him do the play by play for Yankee games in the 60's when I lived back East. I then moved away and ended up in San Diego in 1968 and became a Padre fan (second to the Yankees) since my father's boss owned the team. Meant all the tickets I could ever want and guess who was the announcer come 1972... Jerry Coleman. He grew up in an era when the San Francisco ball fields were turning out great players many of who were snapped up by the Yankees... think DiMaggio. Achieved the rank of Lt.Colonel as a Marine aviator flying SBD's in WWII and Corsair's in the Korean War.

    He passed away at his home in San Diego this past Sunday from complications of a fall. All I can say is "Oh, doctor" and RIP.

    Jerry Coleman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jerry Coleman succumbs to illness - MLB -

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    As a diehard and lifelong Red Sox fan, let me say LTC Coleman was a hell of a man and hell of a baseball player!

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