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Thread: Ahead of 1971 war, Nixon branded his envoy to India as traitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    Like our Gandhis?
    No, much different. You're comparing apples and oranges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agnostic Muslim View Post
    Until 'genocide' is actually established, I have every right to question half-arsed propaganda and claims.

    If the posters cannot substantiate their claims with credible sources, that is their problem, not mine.
    People will keep accusing PA for war attrocities and genocide. The onus rests on YOU, the self proclaimed PA's Advocate to prove otherwise. I don't have a horse in this.

    Now take the excerpt posted from Khadim Raza's book - where does it state that the General claimed '3 million people were killed'? Where does it provide the details of how the General arrived at the alleged claim (if he indeed made that claim)? While the General claims that Niazi made a despicable statement about 'letting loose Pakistani soldiers on the women of East Pakistan', I don't see where he talks about Niazi actually implementing that policy?

    If you want to use the General as a source, you need to provide specific details from his book supporting your position.
    Take your time and if possible buy the book to provide better rebuttal on the issue. In case I am not mistaken, NOBODY here seems to be buying into your strawman's logics.
    And on the sixth day, God created the Field Artillery...

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    There is no way anyone can get a nationalist to agree that its national army has committed genocide(s).

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    I know a lot of people who can and do that.
    No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

    To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.

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