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Thread: TBOverse, short stories by Seer Stuart

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    TBOverse, short stories by Seer Stuart
    chapters 1 & 2
    Chapters 3-14

    Many of you may be familiar with Seer Stuart, as i have posted some of his comments here in the past, and have often spoken of him with great regard. Stuart is a nuclear physicist, former nuclear weapons designer, and DoD nuclear targeteer.

    The above link contains a 14 chapter short story concerning an alternate WWII timeline, and ends in the complete nuclear destruction of Nazi Germany.

    The story is extremely informative wrt high altitude interception, ECM, the EXACT details of a nuclear initiation, and the aftereffects of a massed nuclear attack, among other things.

    This is a must read for anyone interested in any of these subjects, and is about as accurate a description of the above as you're EVER going to get without a security clearance.




    “We’re on course sir, on schedule. Over the Bay of Biscay, approaching the coast of France. Altitude 48,500 feet, ground speed 236 miles per hour. fuel consumption a little below normal, we have a slight tailwind helping us. We’re running on all six piston engines and the jets are shut down. All systems working. You know sir, we haven’t had a single failure since we took off, its uncanny. Dutchess of Zeon and Sixth Crew Member are holding station. We went to full Hometown about 30 minutes ago sir.”

    Full Hometown meant they were in radar-avoidance mode. The three aircraft were flying in a carefully-calculated formation with the spacings held religiously. The six engines had been set to run at rigidly-defined RPM settings, all slightly different. The effect of the combined positions and blade rates of the engines was to create resonances and side-bands in radar pulses that struck the formation. Nobody could hide an aircraft the size of a B-36 but the Hometown formation made it hard to get a precise reading. And when there were a lot of Hometowns, that translated into a blur on the radar plot, rather thana precise track. And there were a lot of Hometowns out today."

    EDIT: Correction, the story is 20 chapters in length(though they are very short chapters).
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    You would like to know would'nt you?
    Yes interesting. BTW in real life was not the Uranuim Bomb ready for use by Feb-1945? Than if it was to end the war, why was it not used?
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    Stuart skipped ahead to the Mark3 device, which was the first device that the US mass produced after the war.

    It was a greatly improved design in comparison to the Mk1 littleboy and Mk2 fatboy.

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