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Thread: WMD’s During WWII…

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    WMD’s During WWII…

    WMD’s During WWII…
    - And in particular why didn’t Hitler use them?

    Let’s face it the man wasn’t exactly playing with a full deck, neither was he known for being overly worried abut his reputation in the international community. The leadership in the countries that were allied to him were for the most cinched tight to him with ropes of blood; if he went down so would they, so they weren’t going to squawk. The few neutrals left in Europe; Switzerland, Sweden and the Iberian peninsular weren’t going to raise his ire by protesting. The Allies were already baying for his blood; and that of his top cronies, so on that score he didn’t have much to lose. As for fearing that they (WMD’s) would have been used against his own forces and population centres, that doesn’t seem to wash either. He doesn’t exactly have a reputation for overly protective for either his fighting men, nor of the suffering of his civilian population.
    So the question remains why didn’t he use them? There were a few times when they could have been battle winners; especially during sieges. Like Leningrad,, Stalingrad (the early stages) and Sevastapol. The troops tied up there could most certainly have been put to a better use elsewhere. Battlefield use would have been more problematic; given the fluid nature of tank warfare and the size of the areas involved.
    The one explanation that I have come across was that it was personal phobia with him. In that he had been gassed during WWI, and had an utter fear of the stuff.

    Also up for discussion the use of fire/carpet bombings.
    Not to forget the use of nukes against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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    The Japs used chem weapons dozens of times in WWII, particularly in China.

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