I have often thought about ways to "permanently" dispose of earth-generated nuclear waste, and the answer I kept getting back to is "launch it into the sun". While theoretically possible, it would consume a huge amount of resources given today's technology; it would take an exhorbitant amount of money to dispose of even a ton of radioactive waste; it presently costs US$20 million to US$30 million to launch even a small payload of 1200 pounds (544 kg), let alone getting it to the sun (which involves even more problems, including counter-acting the orbit speed of the Earth, which is pretty substantial).

However, what about a mass-driver/railgun? No expensive liquid propellants, just a really long electromagnetic rail that could be used over and over again to launch waste into space. Feasible? I know the libs won't like the idea of launching radioactive waste into space, never mind the fact that it would probably be flying over their heads at supersonic speeds.

Doable? Or a really stupid idea?

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