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Thread: Facebook Integration

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    Quote Originally Posted by USSWisconsin View Post
    I have an idea: we could gather suggestions until US election day, and then have a poll for a week.
    As a resident of a battleground state all I can say is, Ya Bastid, Ya!
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    I just checked, YaBastid is already taken...
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    bump - Will the suggested poll on the Twitter account be implemented ?

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    It will be, as well as other changes, once I am doing a bit better healthwise.

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    I have a weird bug when I use Chrome - every time I load a WAB page, any page, even the home page, the FB connect widget takes me to FB, and because I registered on WAB with a different password than I have on fb, FB just tells me there was an error. So far this has only been happening if I open WAB with Google Chrome. Opera isn't affect and I haven't tried it in other browsers.
    Social media integration is a good thing but being taken to FB every single time I go to WAB seems a bit of an overkill. (or could perhaps it be a ploy by google to make people hate fb and switch to google+)

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    Same here. And this is only in the last hour.
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