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Was wondering if you could give us from a Turkish perspective some insights into ultimate Turkish goals and endgame in Syria.
actually it is very simple.

Turkey will not allow any new state within the borders or Syria and/or Iraq. Especially one that is founded by a terrorist organisation like PKK.

So Turkish operation is not for acquiring land from Syria but at first to prevent any new "state" to reach mediterranean. The second objective will be to ensure what ever necessary to stay that way.

That's a lie aimed at splitting the US and the Kurds.

What Mattis said to him was probably something along the lines of : YPG will turn against the terrorist elements.

He took that and changed it to: Mattis says will turn YPG against PKK.

knowing that YPG is already fighting with ISIS, a mention about a "turn" against terrorist elements would be PKK.

wouldnt you agree?

as you know PKK IS a terrorist organisation...

and it is absurd for me too...