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Thread: The Bicentennial of the War of 1812

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    Actually there was still a strong abolitionist feeling in the UK, and while they were tiring of war, if a war with the US would have ended slavery here the population (the ones with money) they would have been for it.

    Remember King Cotton didn't emerge for a couple decades until after this time.

    The US was a market for British manufactured goods and not yet a source of raw materiels for its mills....India fulfilled that role until around 1840.

    There was also the realization that in the day of sail the vast untapped timber resources of the US along with its naval stores was worth having a lower price.

    The American successes of 1814 showed the British that while they could keep us out of Canada and they could have limited success within touch of the shoreline....but they could not be succesful in a large scale land war. Remember that while they were able to get at Washington they were never able to get at Baltimore or any other major city. They were unable to drive down the inland waterways with any great success either.

    It was a practical matter of business that caused the war to end not an overall sense of war exhaustion.

    And we ended up with an status quo ante bellum.
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    First thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.
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    I think we chose poorly on burning York.

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