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Thread: Females in Ranger School

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    Females in Ranger School

    Old news now but, yeah, it happened. Google the subject in the news. Jan next year is supposedly first class (Class 2-13) which will have a female student.


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    Same with the SAS, Jump Courses, Royal Marine courses. We will have women who will pass but they will never be invited to join the regiments and only because they're not the top 5.

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    For those who are unaware, most commissioned US Army Ranger School graduates never serve in one of the Ranger battalions. The idea has been to provide a leavening of that small unit leadership experience across the force. In the enlisted ranks it is a higher percentage but it may only be for a single tour in one of the battalions and then the rest of the career is spent between the 10th MTN, 101st & 82nd. For enlisted it has been usual that only if there is an MOS in the battalion or staff does one get to go on assignment. For commissioed a certain number per slot are reserved for the support branches to reward the top graduates of the initial officer entry training.

    As for women attending? Well, I broke my kneecap on Day 4 so I never finished. I tip my hat to anyone who can attend and earn the tab. It will only make them a better leader and soldier and therefore a benefit to the Army.
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