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Thread: Builder's Railroad Project: in the Beginning...

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    Have you done any vacuum forming Myles? I can show you the vacuum forming box I made and small parts from it. You might find it useful doing something around the trains.

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    I give credit where credit is due, and both of your ideas were winners. 2 for 2... I guess you should quit while your ahead. I'm going to mount the foil circuits on a thin piece of ply so I can solder without melting anything, and then glue this onto the flight deck bottom. That's the only drawback to the soldering-to-foil scheme is melting the substrate which probably precludes soldering directly over styrene.

    Now that all the lighting questions are pretty much answered I have no excuse but to get back to work and finish the carrier. While its nice to have four projects running concurrently (Bronx Victorian, Essex, Fairlane GTA and Nighthawks), it's not how I like to work since I really get satisfaction when I complete something. It's sort of a compulsion. So it will be back to the other thread for a while. See you there.

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