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Thread: Builder's Railroad Project: in the Beginning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Builder 2010 View Post
    Back to the refinery: The piping is now officially 100% complete with the addition of the gas control cabinet next to the flare. I decided to not modify the relief line on the demethanizer. I started to wiggle it to see if it would come apart easily, and of course, it would not. I decided not to make a mess of a beautifully installed and painted pipe run so I left it alone.
    As long as the little dude by the cabinet is willing to pay the fine when OSHA pops in, its all good.

    That looks awesome.

    So what is the secret of keeping the mojo going?
    Its called Tourist Season. So why can't we shoot them?

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    All I can say is HOLY CRAP that is truly impressive!!!

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    True craftsmanship. Very impressive.
    To be Truly ignorant, Man requires an Education - Plato

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    Refinery: OPs Building Started

    Ops Building construction has begun.

    I'm using Evergreen styrene corrugated metal siding for this building. The patten runs horizontally on the sheet, but it needs to be vertical on the building. This meant cutting the sheet to the wall height and then splicing pieces together to generate the width I need.

    I started cutting and gluing on the ends. Of course I had to design a "simple" rectangular building that has two different roof heights AND both roofs are slanted. This complicates splicing and cutting since I'm no longer cutting square edges. I've changed the front windows due to availability of some Grandt Line products at Scale Reproductions, Inc. It's an "as built" versus "as designed" decision. You can go back to page 78 post #1168 to see my original design. I'd re-post it here, but it would throw me into the "6 images dilemma".

    Name:  Refinery Ops Ends.jpg
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    One side was made with two pieces, the other with three so I could use up some smaller pieces. I added a styrene strip on the seam to reinforce it. When painted the seams will be very hard to see.

    The front and back are two different heights, so of course I made them the same side... at first. As you'll see in the next picture, my front is too tall. I had set the caliper to the rear height and cut the front pieces to that height. I didn't realize it was wrong until I was test fitting the front to one of the ends and the front was WAY TOO TALL. It was not too big a problem to cut it down to the correct size.

    I laid out the window heights using a surface gauge on the granite surface plate, but laid out their widths using the digital calipers as a marking gauge. I transferred the window measurements from the windows using the same calipers. I went for a slip fit only to maintain a nice alignment. I cut the openings using a #11 bladed knife and then my MicroMark corner cutter. I don't use this tool much, but when needed it's very neat having razor sharp edges at a perfect 90. I chuck in the drill press so I can provide controlled pressure and keep it well aligned.

    Name:  MicroMark Corner Cutter.jpg
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    After notching the corners I would go back and scribe on side a bit deeper until it breaks free and then pop out the scrap piece. Some careful scraping and sanding opened any holes that were too tight. This is the too tall front.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Front 1.jpg
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    The back only gets a door which I'll cut tomorrow. After cutting the front to the proper height I needed to reinforce the width so I glued on a piece of 1/8" square stock. The bits of scrap in this image reinforce the splice.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Front 2.jpg
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    The windows seem a little big now that I look at this, but I'm going to stay with it. If I want to put an interior inside you'll be able to see in better. I'm thinking of mocking up a control panel and instrument board. I'll see how I feel. For the upper level windows into the garage I have some windows left over from the distilleries that could serve nicely.

    A while ago I broke my piece of plate glass that I used as an assembly surface. I hadn't replaced it and was working on the cork surface of my auxiliary work bench. A couple of weeks ago I found a piece of Corian that was stored under the cellar steps. It was the blank that remained when they cut out the sink opening out of counter top in the kitchen. This was done by the previous owner. Well... this stuff is terrific. It's dead flat and tough. I tested it with solvent cement and it had no reaction. I then put some CA on it and after curing popped right off, so CA doesn't affect it either. It's now my new work surface. And like our kitchen counters, it doesn't show dirt at all.

    Name:  New Work Surface.jpg
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    Refinery: OPs Building Underway

    I finished cutting the opening out of the end and back walls and added edge and other reinforcement to stiffen the flimsy sides. I then added corner posts to all four ends of the sides in preparation of joining them to the front and back. Using the angle block on the surface plate, I glued the first end to the back, and the other side piece to the front, and then combined the two halves into a complete building. I took the building to the layout to try it out for size and it will work well. As I noted before, I will add some more Masonite between the refinery base board and the track to support the rear of the ops building.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Site Fitting.jpg
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    I needed to make a floor (although I may end up not using one) and decided to attempt to use scrap pieces cobbled together. After squaring them up and cutting to size, I spliced two pieces together with an additional piece of Masonite scrap and then used "gravity clamps" to hold them until the Aleen's set up. I then moved it and use spring clamps so it can dry overnight.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Floor Gluing.jpg
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    The floor is necessary if I'm going to put in any interior partitions or detailing.

    For the clerestory wall and windows, I spliced together five pieces of scrap all cut to the correct height on the Duplicutter. While drying I installed two pieces of Plastruct I-beam to provide support for the upper works and a place to which to glue the clerestory wall.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Upper Facing Supports.jpg
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    I temporarily clamped the clerestory wall to the to the supports for a trial fit. Once the splices dry completely, I have to cut all the upper window openings. This will be a bit tricky since it could all fall apart. The laser cut windows fit nicely and are actually the lower sash portions of the distillery windows. I had Andre cut two lower sashes for each window mainly because it was easy to balance out the drawing and give me some spares. Now they're going to come to good use. I didn't throw out any extra laser-cut parts since they can find other uses.

    Name:  Refinery Ops Upper Facing.jpg
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    Since I have these sashes as drawings, I can bring them into the ops drawings and do a good layout and fitting BEFORE I actually cut any styrene. Tomorrow will be a good long work session and I should get a lot of this building done. I may also draw up a control panel diagram that could be used to mock up a small control room for the plant.

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