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B = Bison. And it happened, for the first time in its history, a Mig-21 shot an F-16 down. IAF is not the PAF or the PA or the PN to lie about such a thing.

F-21 will give India 'significant edge' with greater standoff capability: Lockheed

This is from today.
Note that I'm not denying the shootdown, far from it. Many people seem to think that "high tech/new = wins". This is far from it, and history proves this again and again. In the 91 Gukf War, an SA-2 shotdown a brand new F-14B, chockfull of the latest high-tech gear. An SA-3 shot down an F-117.

In this case, I think it's clear the -21 pilot was well trained; he almost certainly knew how to advantage of the massed close quarters fight to get the F-16. And the Bison's systems are top of the line, not what many think this old bird has.

As for that article? Lockheed in full PR mode, trying to smooth things over. I find it particullary funny the mention of "greater standoff capability". As if a)that had anything to do with this fight and b)the SU-30 and Rafales involved had none...