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Thread: Chinese workers held by Sudan rebels

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    Quote Originally Posted by xinhui View Post
    Let be realistic here -- there are close a million Chinese workers working in the hell holes of the world. Something bad is going to happen, there is no getting around it. Really, how many westerners are kidnapped on a regular basis? I don't see the US government is "sending in the marine" every time
    Yes, but which do you think is the major reason today ?

    A domestic opposition to China being there or just ransom.

    Granted this may change in the future as China invests more in these countries.

    Was discussing China in Africa elsewhere a while back and the point was made that today China is acting just like the East India company of the past. Was not sure what to make of that other than to say China isn't going to colonise these countries in the future. Their counter was the more money China pours into these countries the greater the influence China will have in these countries domestic affairs. So China does not have to colonise the countries at all they will have a very powerful say already.
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    The course of action the Chinese company took in releasing the oil worker, I would say, anything but East India company like. No force was used -- they used the local law enforcement agencies and government for negotiation.
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