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Thread: Latest Joint US-Israeli exercises

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    Latest Joint US-Israeli exercises

    Just curious here:

    How big is this latest exercise? The one in 2009 had some 1000 US troops involved, IIRC.

    Are they integrating that "Iron Dome" system with the other stuff like Aegis, and THAAD? (Which, I believe, has done better every time it is tested?) Does that explain the size of this exercise?

    Sorry to be asking dumb questions, but I've only gotten curious about this recently, and online searches turn up mostly old news and stuff devoid of any real information.

    Iran must just love this stuff, it gives them something to rave about.

    Happy New Year everybody!

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    With any luck, Ross will be along shortly and, hopefully, answer your questions.
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    Tell you the truth I've been concentrating so hard on work and Uni, and this is the Air Force's gig, not armor, so I hadn't even heard of this until now.

    U.S. sending thousands of troops to Israel
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