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Thread: Mihais - Request for Info

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    Mihais - Request for Info

    I found this vid on Youtube about a Romanian Officer who did an Afghanistan rotation with teh British Gurkhas.

    Could you watch and possibly give a brief review of his thoughts and experiences?


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    If you wanted a brief translation i can do that for you.

    He talks about his training period in Wales, what does his job as a operations officer involve, than he gives for the audience a brief description of the Gurkha
    and the camaraderie between their ranks . His rotation with the Gurkha was during a ISAF offensive named " Together" ( no idea how it spells in afghan ) in the Helmand province. In the end he mentions the afghan children as a constant remainder of his own kids.
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    Moshtarak.Want it with Arabic characters?

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    The Maj. tells that his grandfather experiences in WW2 made him join the army.He has a master in Geopolitics,was first in the paras,then infantry and lastly in logistics.
    About the training,he said it was intense,lasting 4 months, mostly in difficult terrain and weather,with a high degree of realism.He remembered the training for emergency landing and he mentions the importance of preventing PTSD.He observed while deployed the fear the Gurkhas struck upon the Taliban.The Major served as operations officer and had no problem integrating.During Op. Moshtarak they suffered numerous attacks and had some WIA's but no KIA.
    Lastly ,he mentions the bond created with the Gurkhas.
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