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Thread: Neonazi Terrorism in Germany

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    Formal disciplinary procedures have begun against both the Chief General of the Armed Forces Office (a 4-star with only 4 months left until pension) and his judiciary advisor that together allowed Franco A. to rewrite his master thesis in 2014 rather than running disciplinary investigations against him. Since the infraction is longer than six months ago such formal disciplinary procedures can only be started if the "intended outcome" is punishment through disciplinary arrest, a reduction in rank, docking salary, reducing pension or similar. Informal investigations against the two began two weeks ago.

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    The way Franco A. got his asylum hearing has been analyzed: The translator - a Moroccan - did have grave doubts about the person who only spoke a little Arabic and semi-fluent French (with some other oddities in his claims) but says she did not dare to voice them since she deduced him to likely be an Israeli trying to get asylum posing as a Syrian.

    No comparable cases have been found in BAMF files; 2,000 cases which involved the same particular staff have been investigated. BAMF is now pushing ahead the - previously scheduled for later in the year - revision hearings for about 80,000 to 100,000 people who got asylum during the same year and fit certain criteria (men between 18 and 35 or 40 years from 10 countries) on a more general basis.

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