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Thread: Neonazi Terrorism in Germany

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    Really useless,those Nazis.Why it has to be a pension provider?Why,ohhh,why?
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    Gee, except it wasn't. Read the news. And not your whatever stuff, but something grounded in reality.

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    • Daily Tagesspiegel reports they got an admission statement by email, this time from neonazis, that also announces an attack on counterdemonstrations against a AfD party rally in Dortmund on the 22nd.
    • Any IS connection (as claimed by the first admission statement found) has pretty much been ruled out by police; the admission letter lacks standard IS rhethorics but wildly mixes random statements.
    • Springer press claims that police is currently investigating whether the explosive used came from Bundeswehr stocks
    • Second supposedly investigated venue is a foreign intelligence service, since the detonators used supposedly were military and the setup was done professionally with remote detonation.

    The above email is largely considered just some copycat though. Federal Attorney is investigating it of course. The possible Bundeswehr connection does point in a particular political direction though.

    The arrested Iraqi and the suspected German islamist have both been cleared from suspicion in the case. The Iraqi is being held though as a former foreign fighter who left Germany to fight for IS (in Iraq) in early 2015 and returned during 2016. The town he's from is considered a hotbed of salafists in Germany, and police arrested a number of people trying to make for Iraq or Syria there around the same time in 2015. There's currently a parliamentary inquiry regarding why he wasn't arrested earlier, or rather why he was kept under observation for such a long time, and under what kind of observation (though i really, really doubt we'll get an answer to that).

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    Suspect has been arrested. Sergej W., 28 year old Russian living in South Germany.

    Motive wasn't terrorist but criminal. The suspect was placing put options on shares of the soccer club with the intention to get some 3.9 million cash once the shares would crash after the attack. He got a room at the same hotel as the team - with a street view, asking for a different room when he got one without - and used that to watch when he'd have to remote-detonate the bombs. He also used the hotel wifi for the stock deal. One of the three bombs was placed too high for its firing angle - on a fence post - and blew its load over the bus, thus preventing more serious repercussions. The bombs each fired off a spread of 70mm-long 15g nails in the direction of the bus at lethal speed; one of these nails was found over 250m from the detonation.

    Police had multiple angles for investigations - the bank reported the stock deal for possible moneylaundering, the hotel staff thought he was suspicious because after the attack he calmly went to the hotel restaurant for a steak dinner. The suspect had been sought - undercover - since April 13th, i.e. two days after the attack. Police had him under surveillance from the next morning for a full week before the arrest, to also find out whether he was "connected".
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