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Thread: Help IDing Russian/Soviet Officer

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    Help IDing Russian/Soviet Officer

    So I was watching the Victory Day Parade for 2011 (again) and it reminded me of an officer that caught my eye. It's the guy that is framed by Medvedev and Putin. He's wearing two hero medals and it appears that he is a marshal of aviation judging from the should rank insignia. Can anyone ID him? And is he absurdly decorated even by soviet standards or does it just appear so? Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm no expert but IMO, those campaign ribbons as they are called in the US seem to be all post WWII. Notice the man to the left out of the picture who is sporting all of the WWII medals on the exact same side but yet not one "ribbon". But then again I could be wrong as well however I notice no "stripe" on the mans uniform for having that many stars on his shoulder and that many ribbons.

    IMO, Gunny,OOE,Chogy or WABPilot should be able to give some help on this.
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    Just guessing, an old cosmonaut who had political power and connections in the 1970's onward? Probably started as a jet pilot in the 1960's. I really don't know, we studied hardware, not people.

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    Yeah that's HUMINT type stuff - the only way you will find out is by digging to the bottom of press material related to that, or email the editor and by asking.

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    Hard to tell because he's looking down but Chogy nailed it, Cosmonaut and possibly Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shatalov, though he seems to have acquired some extra cabbage from the last photo I'd seen of him.

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