Newest restructuring plan:

The Bundeswehr will get a sixth force command, Cyber and Information Space (CIR) alongside the established ones (Army, Air Force, Navy, Medical, Joint Forces Support). The new command will have about 15-20,000 soldiers (initially: 13,500) and two division level commands under a MoD-level (three-star general) commander. The command will be about the same size and have the same regard as the Navy, for comparison - just with a different battlespace seen as equally important. IOC planned for early 2017.

The two divisions to be embedded are:
  • Strategic Reconnaissance Command
  • Information Technology Command

Aside from cyber warfare and IT security, the portfolio of the command is supposed to include military intelligence, operative communication (i.e. psychological warfare), geoinformation services and classic electronic warfare. Primary operative units are the four extant electronic warfare battalions and six battalions formed from existing command support units alongside a number of specialized "centers" within each division-level command. Most of the units come from the Joint Forces Support force and BWI (see below).

Part of the reason - not quite publically - for the formation of "CIR" is likely that the contractor company BWI IT will come under full ownership of the Bundeswehr next year. BWI runs the Bundeswehr's IT services and secure networks.