Hello Everyone

I am from the Boston MA area more specifically the south shore where The Pilgrims landed a few hundred years ago. I am a professional photographer and have worked in news and media for many years. I am also a sailor and yacht delivery captain and have a ton of experience navigating the eastern coast of the United States and the Bahamas’s.

My wife is from Italy and I have spent a considerable amount of time over there and I speak a little but don’t read or write Italian.

I have always been a voracious reader and have read hundreds or more likely thousands of books covering peoples first person accounts of their experiences in warfare and their place in history.

I have a deep interest in history including everything from the Greek and Roman Empires through the Middle Ages and most especially WW2 through the Vietnam war.

I am sometimes able to spot trends where history, technology and politics converge that other people don’t see. For example today many of car company’s are rushing headlong into developing self driving technology and so called autonomous cars. I predict a total failure of that entire concept.

I am utterly dissapointed in the people running the defense asquistion and maintance operations for the United States. They are so many glaring mistakes that have been made over the last 25 - 30 year that I feel that criminal charges should be considered against some of the people who were in charge.

I have been a lurker here for at least 10 years and have ready so many interesting posts on a wide verity of topics I’ll try to contribute where I can be helpful.

Thanks so much