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Thread: Speaker Wire to 3.5mm Jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parihaka View Post

    Named phone jack of course because

    and yes, before you ask I am that old
    Is that you on the pic?

    BTW 1/4" aint same as 3.5mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parihaka View Post

    Named phone jack of course because

    and yes, before you ask I am that old
    The Paeroa Manual Telephone Exchange (around 1950-52)
    Operators on duty: David Shaw, Mata Williams, Noeline Jordan
    The switchboards were made in Sweden by the Erikson Telephone Company and, at the time, served nearly 500 telephone subscribers in the Paeroa Borough and rural district.
    I also used to work at one of those telephone exchanges, the one at Riverton, New Zealand. Riverton had four switchboards, also the same as the one pictured - Erikson Telephone Company of Sweden. Seeing this pic brought back nostalgic memories.

    Has anyone here got one of these switchboards up and running and with one or more old phones attached? I'd love to see a pic, and read about how you did it.

    I hope to do that some day. A retirement project perhaps, (if there's still anyone alive with the techy know-how to help me set the thing up!)

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