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Disclaimer: I am naturally prejudiced to believe that the Paks will strike first, and try to strike hard and strike deep into India (a la OP Chengiz Khan in '71, with nukes); so such demo-strikes or the RAND-proposed defensive strikes on Pak soil make no sense to me. India's only margin-of-error is the difference between what the Paks want to do versus what they can actually do plus what India can do to frustrate them (OP CK was modeled after OP Focus, outcome was very different).

In the last three days odd, I went through this entire thread and as I enjoyed reading some very interesting perspectives, both from the professionals as well as the others, I was also amused by Mr. Tinus's views. The very assertion that along with the PA, the InA also has operational units tasked and in possesion of tactical nukes makes a very amusing reading. I am not sure what are his sources, but our intel have yet to suggest such. The logic is still not there to suggest that the PA's ORBAT is in place for deep/shallow nuclear strike inside the Indian mainland. They would most probably try conventional salvos, but nukes? In any case, the numbers aren't there yet and I do not believe that they can manage to deploy thousands of CSS-7 type short range misiles against us.