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Thread: What is up with the F-35? Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazed View Post
    I suspect that flight maneuver will soon be in the software if it is not already there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRT View Post
    I suspect that flight maneuver will soon be in the software if it is not already there.
    It's a basic flight maneuver like a rolling take off. The advantage is the wing is developing lift your not dependent on just raw thrust. I don't think you have to change the control laws to do it.

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    it is hard to overestimate how stupid US collective decision making could be ))))
    1) S400 was never a reasonable problem for f35 ownership by Turkey.... if so then no country which is close to Russian borders shall be allowed to own it )))
    2) it was Israeli lobby who opposed that Turkey obtains Patriot initially and hoped to block S400 using F35 and US pressure as a tool
    3) US diplomatic skills degraded to such an extent that this issue was discussed by public media instead of direct tet-a-tet negotiations....
    4) with naked and public pressure US put this situation to a complete mess, when dropping S400 was insult of Turks as a nation...
    5) now some people prefer to insist on being stupid instead of accepting that better to cool off and see a bigger and longer picture...

    result, Israel has got Turkey with S400 anyway. F35 has lost sizable client + has to retool production, US defense industry lost even more reputation (Indians will think twice now about US offers), NATO may loose access to vital air/navy bases + loyalty of largest of its armies...

    And Russia smiles - few billion dollars, and less concerns over NATO southern flank.... maybe even more billion dollars for its Flankers )))

    And imagine, just some time back Russia and Turkey relationships were terrible (the lightest term for it) after Turkey shot down Russian bomber in Syria..... incredible ability to turn losses into victories....

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