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Thread: What is up with the F-35? Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlvfr View Post
    Tbh, I see France rebuilding the Rafale into a new version embodying stealth, a new engine and electronics. I'd be willing to bet France & Dassault have the next 20 years for the Rafale mapped...
    They just greenlit the F4, which will replace the Mirage 2000 C/D/N from 2025 and will be mostly an electronics and software mod focused on strike missions - including taking over the nuclear strike role.

    There are plans to start development of a "F5" (or whatever they will call it) that will basically be a Gen 4.5 aircraft with airframe modifications to embody LO supplanted heavily by a further upgraded SPECTRA ASC system. Realistically could be a possible starting point for a cooperative development. The German idea seems to be mostly a network-centric approach that could use such an airframe to host the necessary hub for data aggregation and target selection for accompanying UCAVs outfitted in a mission-specific modular fashion.

    When looking over sixth-generation concepts in the US i'm kinda missing basic development on some natural candidate electronics approaches btw. Airborne laser communications terminals for global data networking via DRS satellites for example. I mean, we've been working on that for a while, and it's likely we'll still see one even for Tornado still (beyond the prototype tests that have been done).

    Quote Originally Posted by jlvfr View Post
    Bit expensive... but they come come up with some arrangement with a neighbour flying them, to let a few german pilots fly there.
    Don't really need any new arrangements - i mean, the Dutch military is pretty much integrated these days...

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    The electronics part is very hush hush in the us.

    For example the f35 has built in madl, which is a phased array based directional data link, but how that's achieved is not discussed publicly beyond the very basics.

    The get also has a satellite link, but that's not discussed also.
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