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Thread: New Russian Aircraft carrier?

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    New Russian Aircraft carrier?

    May 15 2005 11:46AM
    Russia developing new aircraft carrier
    MOSCOW. May 15 (Interfax) - The Russian Navy is launching a project to develop a new aircraft carrier, the navy's commander Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov told Interfax.

    "We are beginning work to develop a new aircraft carrier in 2005. Construction is to begin after 2010," Kuroyedov said.

    "We are launching this development project and will involve leading experts to find out which materials and weapons we'll need and how many aircraft carriers should be built," he said.

    Kuroyedov earlier told journalists that the navy is planning to put the new carrier into service in the Northern Fleet by 2016-17. Another carrier will be built for the Pacific Fleet, he said. "Deck aviation has a good future. A new multi-purpose aircraft will be created in a few years," Kuroyedov said.

    The Russian Navy currently has only one aircraft-carrying cruiser, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

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    good for them

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    Uh, they can't even keep the one they've already got in decent condition due to lack of funds.
    I won't even begin to go into maintaining a trained airwing.
    An aircraft carrier is nothing but a big fat expensive target without properly trained and motivated flight crews flying aircraft specially designed and built for carrier ops. You also need experience to build such planes.
    You can put all the SS-N-20s on you want, it's just a flat-topped CG with a ski-ramp for the crew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter
    Uh, they can't even keep the one they've already got in decent condition due to lack of funds.
    not so fast..Russia is constantly increasing it's funding for the military, so it's 11 years to go...maybe they'll BE ABLE to maintain ir operational/battle-ready...and I believe there are plenty of good pilots...the only thing they need - enaugh money to keep up their skills..

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