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Thread: Ask An Expert- Battleships

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    With all due respect, Sumrall isn't to be taken lightly.
    While I respect Robt. Sumrall and all he has done for US Naval history, etc. there were NO dual 20mm mounts on MISSOURI or any of the other 3 IOWAs that I can find from well over 100 photos of these ships. I think the operative clause in his complete statement is this: "It is uncertain if this installation was carried out in any of the class."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjimslade View Post
    To finish my computer model, I am looking for measured drawings of the following Iowa class details:

    Nixie Bolsters
    Armored Box Launchers
    Life Raft Holders
    Phalanx Guns
    SATCOM Antenna
    SQL-32 Antenna
    Bow Roller Chock
    16" Range Finder Hoods
    MK 37 Director
    MK 38 Director
    AN/SPS-6 Antenna
    AN/SPS-10 Antenna
    New Jersey/Iowa Bow Bulwark
    Funnel Caps
    I need to add to this list, the same for the boat cranes.

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    Have a question regarding battleship propulsion

    "Each Boiler can change 16,500 gallons of water into steam at 600 lbs. per sq. in. pressure and 850 degrees F. Temperature in an hour. In order to do this it burns about 1400 gallons of fuel oil per hour."

    BBs 61 to 64 used improved Babcock Wilcox Boilers. What was the designed steam output and fuel flow?

    And btw is there somebody knowing the specific calorific value of the used fuel oil during WW2 [BTU/gal]
    Thank you.

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