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Thread: Ask An Expert- Battleships

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    With all due respect, Sumrall isn't to be taken lightly.
    While I respect Robt. Sumrall and all he has done for US Naval history, etc. there were NO dual 20mm mounts on MISSOURI or any of the other 3 IOWAs that I can find from well over 100 photos of these ships. I think the operative clause in his complete statement is this: "It is uncertain if this installation was carried out in any of the class."

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjimslade View Post
    To finish my computer model, I am looking for measured drawings of the following Iowa class details:

    Nixie Bolsters
    Armored Box Launchers
    Life Raft Holders
    Phalanx Guns
    SATCOM Antenna
    SQL-32 Antenna
    Bow Roller Chock
    16" Range Finder Hoods
    MK 37 Director
    MK 38 Director
    AN/SPS-6 Antenna
    AN/SPS-10 Antenna
    New Jersey/Iowa Bow Bulwark
    Funnel Caps
    I need to add to this list, the same for the boat cranes.

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