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Thread: Ask An Expert- Aviation

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    Do B-52 crews bring air freshener into the cockpit? I'd figure nearly 60 years of human stench confined in a 6x4 space should be quite....aromatic.
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    Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design of HC.X (Very Large Transport Helicopter )

    Dear member with military aviation background,

    I'm currently working on the feasibility study and preliminary conceptual design (if found feasible) of a Very Large Transport Helicopter (like CH-53, Mi-26). We have the necessary models, tools and design processes to achieve this, however a better understanding of the operational requirements is needed as a starting point (having never designed this class of aircraft before). At the very least, we need a basic understanding of what RAF/RN/US Navy/etc. would want to carry, how far and in what kind of environment.

    So if anybody here is familiar with military aircraft operations, I will be very grateful for just a rough idea of how helicopters in this class are used in the field. Particularly,

    1. What kind of payloads(weight and size) they usually carry and how far? As in, some typical mission profiles/cases. (Particularly: Why do you want to use one CH-53 for this instead of 2-3 Blackhawks?)
    2. In reference to the above, what you feel are limitations of existing platforms.

    P.S: Unconventional rotor-craft (Tandem rotor, tilt-rotor, co-axial, etc.) our outside our scope.

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    Question: can a drone land with it's weapons? I am fairly certain it should, but, can't dig the net to find a photo and/or a text supporting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doktor View Post
    Question: can a drone land with it's weapons? I am fairly certain it should, but, can't dig the net to find a photo and/or a text supporting it.

    a lot of caveats to this

    type of UAS involved, geoloc restrictions around local safety issues etc..

    I've seen a couple of pics with dummy loads land, never seen a hot load landing

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    So 'associate' squadrons work? Are they useful? If push come to shove, isn't it the airplanes that would be in limited number and not pilots?

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    When measuring aircraft length, does the length of the pitot tube counts? Aka does the measurement starts from the tip of the radome or from the tip of the pitot tube?

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