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Thread: Destroyers - Fletcher Class

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    Access & respect ....

    Quote Originally Posted by bbvet View Post
    BM9 Wrote:

    Well actually, thinking back to the way things were in the 60's, that (asbestos) was just something to be dealt with as a normal part of operations aboard ship. We didn't make an issue of it that I can recall; it was accepted as the way things were and life went on. Certainly not like it has been totally (IMHO) been blown out of proportion in recent history. The photo you've provided does make me think that someone in the staff has failed to do their job in removing/sealing this wad of insulation, esp. in a public area. I wonder how many CASSIN YOUNG or THE SULLIVANS staff members see or read these forum posts.....!
    Just a quick follow up before I take off for Norfolk this week.

    The asbestos displayed in the photo is from an area closed to public.
    Access to the forward fire room occurred on the last day of the season.
    An inspection for "leaks" was being conducted before the ship was mothballed for the Winter.
    Respect was given to my docent in obeying the " Do not touch, do not disturb rule of the day ".
    Allowing the general public in such conditions is simply not possible for the obvious reasons.

    Some of my photos are to capture illustrations that the general public will never see first hand.
    It saddens me that some members of the general public simply cannot obey the rules when visiting a ship.
    I recall that shortly after visiting 'The Kidd" some wise person made off with some of the ship's china or was it the flat wear (?).
    Thus those "Plastic force fields" get installed or the artifacts simply get removed due to those who can't respect the rules.

    I personally attempt to build a relationship with the docents prior to a visit, via, e-mails, references, & sometimes old fashion phone calls.
    If one displays common sense and honors the efforts of those who strive to maintain these museums, access can be granted.
    Without a doubt I've been lucky to have several members of the WAB assist me and I am grateful.
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    Thanks for clearing that up - I kind of figured that you had gotten some behind the scenes tour and that was not part of the normal "tour route" on the ship. By your description I'm guessing this is THE SULLIVANS as the one and only time I was up there was during Christmas 1998 and got a few pictures from the pier (actually the car window) as the ship was closed. You are correct in that the public will walk off with the kitchen sink if given the opportunity. It's happened all over NORTH CAROLINA for years and they've used the "Plastic Force Fields" quite liberally, esp. in the engineering spaces.

    Good luck in Norfolk, wish I were on the tour with you - would be interesting!

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    Model on display...

    bbvet, by chance there is a large scale model of BB-64 on display in Norfolk and i acquired several pictures.
    There was a short B&W film showing an "unrep" with a Fletcher but I didn't have any way to record.
    Two steps forward & 1 back...

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    BP - Will be interested in seeing the photos you've taken - perhaps that B&W film is available somewhere - know the title?

    Anyhow, have a great time & tour, etc.!!!

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    Bilge pump enjoy! If you have the chance and if it is open, go down to broadway/gasoline alley to #4 engineroom start down the ladder port side and as you reach the deck/overhead level pause for a seconded just as your head clears the overhead, be careful of your footing, you will then see nothing but engine set! You will see the space filled with just turbines and reduction gear all 55KSHP of it! Just think there are 4 of them. To me it was always amazing! Those huge turbines in such a small space, by comparison. I am very fimaliar with Wisconsin and Iowa these ships were in NISMD Philadelphia Naval in the 70’s when I was stationed at that activity. I got to know them well long before they were Museums. The same with the shangrlala, kidd, caperton, intrepid and a host of others, all with a story to tell if one took the time. As a side note I believe The city of Norfolk berthed the Wisconsin for a period of time and was allowed to give topside tours while still under care of inact ships portsmouth. Evidently The Navy ran out of space to tie her up so they worked a deal of some sort with Norfolk who had already a bid in to make Wisconsin a museum ship so it worked out well. They have done a nice job with her! I was last there in 2012. Please enjoy it is a great tour!

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