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Thread: Destroyers - Fletcher Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinytop View Post
    Boy am I glad I was in the Army!
    Ever been in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle in MOPP 4 in the Mojave in August?

    We must be...increasingly on the alert to prevent them from taking over other mineshaft space, in order to breed more prodigiously than we do, thus, knocking us out in superior numbers when we emerge! Mr. President, we must not allow...a mine shaft gap!
    - General Buck Turgidson

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlankDestroyer View Post
    I was on a Sumner Class that did the conversion in 1969 during a yard availability. We did this fuel swap in concert with adding probe refueling (instead of pigtail in a trunk). Maybe that is a quick way to discern if the Fletchers had the conversion? I suspect there were very few if any 445s that got the fuel change as I outlined earlier. The money went to the Sumner/Gearing Class conversions as they had a longer shelf life.

    Basically do you want to spend the money if you are going to decommission in the near term? Probably not!

    Beyond the soot, one of the prime advantages of the fuel was Boiler Technician (BT) retention as the workload and nature of the work changed somewhat with the reduced maintenance requirements. As a side note we lost some range with the fuel conversion and obviously more refining is more expensive.
    Thank you FlankDestroyer! I forgot all about the probe change out, which would need to be accomplished by a repair facility due to the piping mods. And of course the BT Retention! More time on liberty less time doing watersides and fireside! Didn’t BUPERS do away with or substantially reduce the BT reinlistment bonus as well during that time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blidgepump View Post
    and some more pictures...
    The good, the pretty & the robbed...
    Great photos! Lots of memories!

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