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Thread: IAF SU30 MKI vs PAF F-16 BLOCK 52

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    IAF SU30 MKI vs PAF F-16 BLOCK 52

    WHICH ONE IS more Lethal on all counts.
    In Cold start doctrine of Indian armed forces a huge emphasis is on air strikes How does the new F16 affects and in a limited war scenario which one will prevail and will be more punishing .

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    I'm not expert but the little reading I have done seem to indicate that in many cases the main threat to fighter jets would be SAMs and not other fighter jets...

    Of course that assumes that SAMs are available.

    Discarding SAMs; my guess is that it would depend also on tactics of each and the pilots...

    The SU-30 MKI looks formidable but these days avionics and radars are very important -- and the missiles of course.

    Edit: Hah, I just saw your other thread on the upgrades of the Mirages -- well if that gives any indication my money would be on the F-16 :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by raghavmundra200 View Post
    That's not the question you need to ask yourself.
    Is it worth putting all of your eggs in just one basket , especially since that is a Russian basket ?
    J'ai en marre.

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    No more Versus threads please

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