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Thread: Indian Mirage upgrade...????

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    Indian Mirage upgrade...????

    India is going to upgrade its Mirage fleet at the rate of 43 million Euros per plane while we can buy a brand new SU-30MKI for around 40 million. Air chief Naik says if he doesn't upgrade than all the Mirage which has around 15 years of service left will have to be prematurely retired as well as the total infrastructure the IAF has built from pilot training to support & maintenace engineers will fall into disrepair and will eventually be dismantled.

    Will the Upgraded mirages will be more lethal than Su 30 MKI and is this a wise utilization of the resources?

    I don't understand what kind of upgrading they have to go through to be more costly than a brand new SUKHOI ?

    What is your take on that?

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    Has the deal been finalized. I heard that IAF also received offer from Israel. Thales(French) Offered upgrading of M2k in 2.1 biliion.

    Who won the contract?
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