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Thread: McCain repudiates long-time 'maverick' label

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    McCain repudiates long-time 'maverick' label

    McCain repudiates long-time 'maverick' label
    Mon Apr 5, 6:08 pm ET

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Republican Senator John McCain, whose "maverick" breaks with his party won him media acclaim and powered his 2008 White House run, now rejects the moniker, according to Newsweek magazine.

    The Arizona lawmaker, looking to thwart a primary challenge from a conservative Republican former congressman, played down his history of working with Democrats on issues like overhauling US immigration policy, curbing big money influence in politics, or fighting climate change.

    "I never considered myself a maverick," Newsweek quoted him as saying. "I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities."

    McCain embraced the label in the past, notably during his 2008 presidential run, when his campaign ran a television advertisement branding him and running mate Sarah Palin "the original mavericks" and when he played down some of their policy disagreements by quipping "what do you expect from two mavericks?"

    A McCain aide highlighted a passage from the prologue of the senator's 2002 book, "Worth Fighting For: The Education of an American Maverick, and the Heroes Who Inspired Him," in which the lawmaker expressed discomfort with the label "even when it is meant as a compliment."

    "I worry that the act might be getting a little tired for a man of my years," McCain wrote.

    "Better for old men to be known as collegial team players, who expect to find the warmth of their associations a tonic for fears of approaching infirmity and extinction," he wrote.

    But he went on to underscore his "instinctive resistance to institutional customs that strike me as empty gestures of submission" and highlight his "acute, much too acute, sensitivity to abuses of authority."

    "I have my reputation, and not enough years left in my career to improve it much. I'm an independent-minded, well-intentioned public servant to some. And to others, I'm a self-styled, self-righteous, maverick pain in the ass," he wrote.

    Recent polls have shown McCain easily beating former representative JD Hayworth, who has sought to capitalize on anti-Washington sentiment and the energized conservative "Tea Party" political insurgency.

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    "Maverick" is a media term for RINO.

    McCain was their guy when Bush was in the White House. Now Obama is in, they have no more need for the Maverick. McCain is now a "conservative."

    From McCain's view, he actually needs to fight for his job this time. RINO is not a good name to be stuck with right now.
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    RINO is not a good name to be stuck with right now.
    one of the things i've seen is how RINO keeps on getting a new definition. it used to be that "RINOs" were -the- prevalent bloc in Congress (all the Eisenhower republicans in the 50s, for instance). obviously, the definition changed following the Reagan revolution.

    now we're seeing another change again, as RINO is meant to define any republican whom compromises at any level with any democrat. there's no longer the ideology factor. obviously this is a problem in any democratic system where compromise is absolutely necessary, and one of the reasons why the RNC is really nervous-- it doesn't want to have the Tea Partiers define the entire Republican Party as the party of RINOs and cause a mass split.

    what would make life -really- interesting (although it is not likely at all, given the political freezing discussed in the other thread) is if all the RINOs and the DINOs got together to form a centrist party i'd actually like that system.
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    As with most any current politician McCain will don the colors of what he thinks will most likely re-elect him.

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