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Thread: Congratulations Thunderchickens!!!

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    Congratulations Thunderchickens!!!

    My daughter's F.I.R.S.T. Robotics team(#217 The Thunderchickens)won their regional competition held in Rochester,NY yesterday.It's on to the World Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta,GA in April.

    If you've never heard of F.I.R.S.T. it's worth a look.It was created to foster interest in engineering and other sciences through these competitions.The robots these kids design and build are incredible.The teams are made up of high school students and are sponsored by major companies with a vested interest in these fields.Ashlee's team is sponsored by multiple companies but the two major ones are Ford Motor Company and B.A.E.

    The Thunderchickens motto is "Engineering a better way to cross the road.")

    Proud papa?You betcha....thank gawd she gets her brains from her mom...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamus View Post

    Proud papa?You betcha....thank gawd she gets her brains from her mom...
    Yup congrats matey , proudness is always accompanied with a good gargle of the ,er ,,,,,,, Cols scotch

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    Shamus Reply

    Congratulations. Your daughter's pathway into the military-industrial complex as a builder of our neo-imperialist war machines is assured.

    I can imagine that the Georgia Dome's field (literally) shall be awash with teens and the most amazing gadgetry afoot shortly. Probably will be a sight to behold.

    Congratulations to her team-mates and her for their regional victory and it's on to the global big-time!

    Happy for 'ya, Walter!
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    I saw this isn't the first the the Thunderchickens have made it to the finals, they've even won a whole bunch of times.

    We have a lot of teams from here as well, mainly the high schools, which also do pretty well with robotics. They participate in FIRST, and in this competition as well:

    Welcome to the 15th Annual International Fire Fighting Robot Contest
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    Go Thunder Chickens!
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    Great news matey
    The Thunderchickens motto is "Engineering a better way to cross the road." . Heh
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