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Thread: Gunner Porn

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    Im back....for real this time!!!!

    M777ER Concept/Techology Demonstrator first Firing at Yuma...I hope...trying to link to a FB Video from teh Mardet at Ft Sill!!!

    This is the mobility demonstrator in teh Manitenance bay at Yuma Proving Ground

    Name:  M777ER.jpg
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    Side by SIde COmparison

    Name:  M777ER and M777A2 2.jpg
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    And from the rear

    Name:  M777ER and M777A2.jpg
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    "Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations".- Motto of the Gun Crew who have just done something incredibly stupid!!!!

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    Nice to have you back.

    Aside from range, has anybody considered the degree of advanced training required to safely tow that sucker around?
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    Coming soon: US Army artillery aboard ship at RimPac 2018.

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