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Thread: Recommended WW1 Reading

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    Recommended WW1 Reading

    "The Somme" by Peter Hart.
    This book details the facts leading upto the 1st battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916, the battle, the actions on and after that day and beyond. It is different because the book contains many extract writings of the actual combatants, many who die a day or two after their letters. It covers all the ranks from private to General Haig. Neither is it contained to just one perspective. However you will be at a loss to understand the tactics of the day, true with hindsight etc, etc and so on. It will make you angry!
    It is very raw indeed, with accounts of the dead being relieved of their water and rations for others to survive, being used as cover and how inhumane we can all become in battle after just a few hours.
    In 2008 at Thiepval I attended the rememberance service of the 1st battle of the Somme, you would not imagine how many people turned out from all over the world, a very moving occasion indeed.
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    I'm disappointed the good modern movies on WWI just don't seem to be around.

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