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Thread: A future of drone warefare?

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    A future of drone warefare?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this topic:

    Drones: A slam-dunk weapons system
    By Tom Engelhardt

    For drone freaks (and these days Washington seems full of them), here's the good news. Drones are hot! Not long ago - 2006 to be exact - the US Air Force could barely get a few armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the air at once; now, the number is 38; by 2011, it will reputedly be 50, and beyond that, in every sense, the sky's the limit.

    Full article: Asia Times Online
    Id have to disagree with author of this article and say that UAV's seem to have proved highly beneficial 'tools of war' for the US army. But i also share his concerns that an increase in deployment of UAV's in conflict zones and other areas the US consider's to be in their national security interests might just result in an arms race across the World for building and developing ever more deadly and sophisticated UAV's. Its also problematic for other nation's concerned about spying or the risk they pose for arbitrary executions and assassinations for persons the US simply just doesnt like. As the author put it, "sky's the limit" - I guess both in their deployment and in the evasion of breaching international law by the CIA, which i dont believe can sufficiently address the use and deployment of UAV's at this time - Please correct me if im wrong.

    Consider finally this report from the BBC today:

    BBC NEWS | Africa | Drones scour the sea for pirates

    "Sleek and sinister-looking, the latest weapon against piracy could have flown directly out of a science fiction film.

    The US military has deployed its Reaper unmanned drones to scour the Indian Ocean with their all-seeing, infra-red eye."
    Any limit on where drones will be deployed? Doubt it. Start of a new arms race? Probably. If the Americans have got it, and use it, the Russians and Chinese will want them too. I believe the Brits, French and Israelis are already working on advanced military capable UAV's. Iran is starting to. I can see Saudi Arabia and Egypt wanting them if Iran does. India will if the Chinese do. Then Pakistan... The rest will follow... Domino effect.

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    Anybody with a local Radio Shack can have their own UAV. Damn near every country involved or near any current military conflicts (outside Africa) has a UAV at some level.

    The USAF uses UAVs (we call them UASes now) extensively.

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