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Thread: Iran to start missile testing Sunday

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    Iran to start missile testing Sunday

    Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps said it will begin
    missile war games from Sunday in a bid to "maintain and improve"
    the deterrent ability of the country's armed forces.

    "The air force wing of the Revolutionary Guards will begin
    tomorrow the defence-missile manoeuvre titled Great Prophet four...
    with the aim of ... maintaining and improving the deterrent
    capability of the armed forces," the Guards said in a statement
    carried by ISNA and Fars news agencies.

    The Guards' air force commander Hossein Salami said the main aim
    of the war game was to "evaluate the technical developments
    recently achieved in surface-to-surface missiles," Revolutionary
    Guards website Sepahnews reported.

    Iran's Revolutionary Guards to begin missile war games from Sunday : RICHMARK SENTINEL

    Any takers?

    Obama has made plain he wants to see more cooperation and quickly this is NKorea revisted.

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    Obama doesn't get that the regime is shaky right now existing only by force and that if it backs down to the west it falls. Iranians are the most wired people in the mid-east and they know the only thing between Iran and Saddam like sanctions is China which is not a reliable barrier. The Guards are acting tough for propaganda reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traps View Post

    The Guards' air force commander Hossein Salami
    What an unfortunate name for a for such an august commander,, and presumably, a muslim one at that.

    Sorry, couldn't help it!


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