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Thread: Book is ready

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    Book is ready


    After 11 years of research, editing, collecting photos (thanks Ytlas & Ebay), correcting the list of dry docked ships (thanks Ytlas), correcting the list of graduate apprentices (thanks Rosie, Garvey, Gwinn and Ytlas), collecting detailed work problems of the shipyard (thanks Cooper and Ytlas), Collecting historical items of memorabilia (thanks Ebay), creating accurate maps of the shipyard from the war years to just before closure, photographing shipyard structures before and after demolition (thanks Garvey), confirming or mythbusting stories of the shipyard workers or of the Battleships, attempts to convert from Word and Excel to PDF (thanks Kent) and especially thanks to Amazon for having their technicians correct the incompatiblity of MS and Adobe programs.

    The Proof book arrived today and it's better than I expected (though the binding glue should be a little stronger).

    It's in a 7X10 format, soft cover, 534 pages. You will be able to buy it through Amazon Createspace as a "print on demand" (no inventory) for $39.00 plus tax and shipping. If you like Naval history and first hand experiences of shipyard workers who have to build and repair warships, you will like that book. Also the appendices are historical references that can stand on their own as documents.
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    Hats off to you, sir. Sounds like I need this book.

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    Can't wait to see it. As soon as Amazon notifies you that it's on the website, let us know so we can put the link up on the WAB Amazon store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatter View Post
    Can't wait to see it. As soon as Amazon notifies you that it's on the website, let us know so we can put the link up on the WAB Amazon store.

    They said it should be on their website in about 5 days.
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    Count me in. Congratulations on the culmination of so many years work!

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    Rusty, that's fantastic, well done!
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    Good job!

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    Bravo Zulu!
    You know JJ, Him could do it....

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    It's really awesome. Congratulations on the culmination of 11 years of Hard work.

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    Congrats sir!

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    Congrats RB.

    As someone who is attempting to write a thesis (with diminishing success) I have some idea how hard it is to research & write something like this.

    You have my utmost respect.

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    Congratulations sir
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    Good to hear sir, Congratulations.
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    Congrads Rusty, Having trouble breathing after writing that paragraph?)
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    Rusty, congratulations!
    But is there a alternative way to get it ? Amazon does not recognize my country....
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