Here is a fascinating article about how the new W76-1/Mk4A "Super-Fuze" gives SLBM based warheads a flexible height of burst, and how that capability along with a 1 CEP shift in aimpoint dramatically improves the ability of those warheads to destroy hardened targets despite no increases in physical accuracy. A single 100kt warhead equipped with the "Super-Fuze" now has the same probability of destroying a target hardened to 10,000 psi as 3 identical warheads with conventional fixed height-of-burst fuzes despite no change in CEP.

This substantial increase in hard target capability from 100kt warheads frees up huge swaths of the US nuclear arsenal, particularly in regard to higher yield warheads to be retasked away from missile silos towards other targets or held in reserve after a first strike.

While the article does have a bit of an alarmist bent to it, it is nevertheless a fascinating read.

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