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Thread: D-Day - Mulberry Harbour

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    D-Day - Mulberry Harbour

    D-Day harbour masters

    3 June, 2009 | By Antony Oliver

    Sir Winston Churchill sent a now famous memo from his office in 10 Downing Street to the chief of combined forces Lord Mountbatten on 30 May 1942.

    “Piers for use on beaches. They must float up and down with the tide. The anchor problem must be mastered. Let me have the best solution worked out. Don’t argue the matter. The difficulties will argue for themselves.”

    This short instruction set in train a mammoth engineering design, logistics and fabrication operation that would, in just over two years, change the course of the war and shape the history of the 20th century.

    D-Day harbour masters

    Mulberry engineer remembered

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    So much brilliant inventiveness was brought to bear

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